Works in Progress



Shadow of a Doubt (complete)

Mira can draw her gun or she can whistle up the wind, but either way someone is going to get hurt. Probably her.

Fantasy meets noir in this story of an alternate 1930’s Baltimore where Mirabel Sinclair, a detective with magical abilities, takes on the case of finding a troll mobster’s lost treasure, the Goose the Laid the Golden Egg. Before she and her boss, Ben Templeton, can begin, Ben’s ex-partner turns up dead. Their investigation reveals that he was looking for the same treasure, and his death wasn’t the accident it appeared to be. And now Ben is dead, killed by the same people who turn up at every curve in their investigation.

Mira must travel north to Maine to hunt down an ancient witch and find out if she’s the killer. Along the way she’ll face dwarf assassins, elven racists, and spirits of the air. All of them want her dead, and none of them are willing to compromise. Neither is she, because if she doesn’t solve the puzzle, she won’t get the revenge she seeks for the murder of her mentor. And Time itself will be destroyed.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT is an Adult Noir Fantasy novel that is complete at 93,000 words.


Summer (complete)

Hammond is a committed bachelor and computer programmer who meets a woman named June July August, unlocks a secret world, and learns that Summer – the season, the place, the woman – is where magic still lingers.

June enjoys sketching while naked, loves waffles, thinks her Zodiac sign is the Otter, and was long ago told by her mother she is a witch. The more time Hammond spends with her, the more she helps him discover that he can see the truth of things, the hidden secrets people and objects have, their histories, their desires. She says it’s not really magic, but it feels magical. Then he learns the truth about reality, and about the world of Summer, a land that exists outside their own. Truths always have consequences, though, and June falls through the crack between worlds Hammond unlocked.

So code-warrior Hammond decides to follow his heart for the first time and chase her into Summer, where magic is real, technology limited, and diviners run the local newspaper. The guys who run the paper, the diviners, tell Hammond that June may be the Dawn Queen, one of the great goddesses who bring balance to the land. She must marry the King Stag during the midsummer festival to renew the ancient pact and restore the magic which is fading. But Siobhan, Queen of Fay, believes that the role of Dawn Queen is hers to claim, and will use any means necessary to stand among the ancient ring of stones and take her rightful title. If Hammond succeeds in finding June, he might still lose her to another man. If he fails, the power of the land will be Siobhan’s to take back to Fay. And if the magic is not restored, Summer—the woman, the place, and the season—will die.

SUMMER is an Adult Fantasy novel that is complete at 120,000 words