Shadow of a Doubt (complete)

As a young detective on her first case, Mirabel can draw her revolver or whistle up the wind. Either way, someone will get hurt. Probably her.

The Templeton agency has been hired to handle a simple case: find a long-lost treasure. But the troll who hired them may work for the mob, and Mirabel’s boss, the respected detective Ben Templeton, isn’t ready to cut her loose. When they tie the death of Ben’s best friend and former cop, Lucky Gambini, to the hunt for the treasure, things quickly turn deadly.

Then Mr. Templeton is murdered, and Mirabel is forced to manage the case on her own while dealing with the emotional fallout. The clues will lead her from the streets of depression-era Baltimore, to the woods of Maine, and behind the locked doors of an elven embassy. And every step brings her closer to the killer, a shadowy figure who has been supplying the segregated minorities and races of Baltimore with illegal weapons, hoping to turn the spark of racial tensions into open war.

She’ll do it to protect her friends and prevent a race war. She’ll do it to get to the truth and bring a killer to justice. She’ll do it to protect the city she loves.

And for the memory of Ben Templeton, she’ll do it for revenge.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT is a noir Fantasy novel that is complete at 96,000 words, and is a stand-alone with series potential. The novel is The Maltese Falcon meets Karen Memory.



Summer (complete)

Hammond is a committed bachelor who meets a woman named June July August at a party, and falls head over heels for the first time. But when he discovers a world beyond their own, he learns that summer — the woman, the season, and the place — is where magic still lingers.

June enjoys sketching while naked, loves waffles, and thinks her Zodiac sign is the otter. The more time Hammond spends with her, the more she helps him learn that he can write the truth of things — the hidden secrets people and objects have, their histories, their desires. It’s not magic, she says, but to him it’s magical. When he opens his mind, their truths become an entry in his notebook. Then he writes the truth about reality, and discovers a hidden world called Summer. Knowing the truth has consequences, though, and June slips through the crack between worlds Hammond’s pen unlocks.

Code-warrior Hammond decides to follow his heart for the first time and chases her into Summer, where magic is real, technology limited, and fortune tellers run the local newspaper. The fortune tellers tell Hammond that June may be the Dawn Goddess, one of two great goddesses who bring balance to the land. She must marry the King Stag during the midsummer festival to renew an ancient pact and restore the magic, which is fading. But Siobhan, Queen of Fay, believes the magic belongs to her people, and will use any means necessary to stand among the crumbling ring of stones and take the King Stag as her own. To make matters worse, Summer’s magic flows into his world each year. If Summer’s magic dies, then so does his world.

Hammond faces bandits, wolves, and captivity in his quest to locate June. If he succeeds, he might lose her to another man. If he fails, the power of the land will be Siobhan’s to take back to Fay. And if the magic is not restored, Summer — the place, the season, and the woman — will die.

SUMMER is an adult fantasy that is complete at 108,000 words



The Green and the Steel: Fall of the Veil (WIP)

The archduke Ferdinand of Austria has been assassinated, and all of the steel nations mourn the loss of a great man. But only the green nations realize that the death of his wife, Duchess Sophie, was the real crime. For Sophie was a witch, the linchpin of power that held the Veil in place separating the lands of the Christians with their hatred of magic from the lands of those who worship the old gods and goddesses and for whom magic is their life’s blood.

Now the world is plunging ever more rapidly towards war. Germany sees an opportunity to grab lands to its east and rid the world of those who defy the will of their God. France, Britannia and Spain must ally to protect themselves now that the protection the Veil offered them is gone. But the Spanish trolls are squabbling among themselves, the French forces are over confident of their victory, and Britannia is slow to respond to the crisis and lend their aid.

Told from multiple viewpoints, this alternate world retelling of World War I casts the powers as those of technology versus magic. German rifles and machine guns against knights and bowman. Artillery versus iron golems, dreadnoughts versus sailing vessels, flying machines versus wyvern riders. And into this conflict comes a woman, frail in health but powerful in magic, who must find the key to ending the conflict, but can only do so with the aide of the daughter of a woman she once loved: Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg.