Shadow of a Doubt (complete)

In Depression-Era Baltimore, Mirabel Sinclair is learning the trade at the Templeton Agency when a troll with mob connections offers them a new case: find a magical goose that lays golden eggs. But a simple treasure hunt soon turns deadly when Mr. Templeton is murdered right before her eyes.

Now Mirabel is on her own, dealing with her mentor’s death and trying not to botch his last case the way she failed him in the final moments of his life. The hunt for the goose becomes a hunt for his murderer, and everything is connected to a rise in racial tensions that could plunge Baltimore into open war. The search for Ben Templeton’s killer threatens everything and everyone Mira loves; from the city she calls her home to the witch who holds her heart.

For them, she’ll do it for the truth.

For Ben, she’ll do it for revenge.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT is an Adult Historical Fantasy novel at 103,000 words. This standalone novel is The Dresden Files meets Karen Memory, a noir story set in an historical 1930’s Baltimore.



Summer (complete)

When committed single computer programmer Hammond meets a woman named June July August, he realizes that Summer is the place where magic still lingers. But falling head over heels for the first time comes with consequences, and the magic June unleashes in Hammond’s writing opens a portal to another world that she disappears into.

Code-warrior Hammond follows his heart into the world of Summer, where magic is real, technology limited, and fortune tellers run the local newspaper. June’s destiny may be that of the Dawn Queen, forced to marry Lord Winter to renew the magic of the land. But the Queen of the Fay believes the magic belongs to her and will do anything to prevent the ceremony and steal the magic back to her hidden realm. If Hammond and June fail to stop her, the power of the land will be Siobhan’s to take back to Fay. And if the magic is not restored, Summer—the place, the season, and the woman—will die.

SUMMER is an Adult Fantasy novel at 108,000 words.



Breaking the Immutable Law (WIP)

Even Bishop has pulled together an extraordinary crew of thieves and made them legitimate, breaking into wealthy folks homes to test their security and getting paid for the privilege. But his secret past and former life as the wanted traitor, Ben Hovesip, comes calling when the government hires him to steal an item from a university researcher that breaks all the known laws of magic upon threat of revealing his true identity to the world. It’s either steal the artifact or face the real possibility of being hung.

But even secrets have secrets. The conspiracy to steal the magical device goes far deeper than Even dreamed, and puts everyone on his team in danger. Now they need to steal the device back before it gets used and the entire world is plunged into chaos.