Shadow of a Doubt

In Depression-Era Baltimore, Mirabel Sinclair is learning the trade at the Templeton Agency when a troll with mob connections offers them a new case: find a magical goose that lays golden eggs. But a simple treasure hunt soon turns deadly and she finds herself powerless to prevent the murder of a close friend.

Now Mirabel is on her own, dealing with a memory of death and trying not to botch her first case the way she thinks she failed them in the final moments of their life. The hunt for the goose becomes a hunt for a murderer, and everything is connected to a rise in racial tensions that could plunge Baltimore into open war. The search for a killer threatens everything and everyone Mira loves; from the city she calls her home to the witch who holds her heart.

For them, she’ll do it for the truth.

For herself. . .she’ll do it for revenge.

SHADOW OF A DOUBT is an Adult Noir Fantasy novel at 101,000 words. This standalone novel is The Maltese Falcon meets Karen Memory, a noir murder mystery set in an ahistorical 1930’s Baltimore.

Coming winter of 2021!